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  Excel Academy is committed to providing the best education for our students. Our goal is to provide intensive enrichment programs appropriate to the level of our students. Listed below are outlines of our program according to grades. Please note that the order of the topics will be determined by the teachers who, based on the assessment of the level of their respective classes, also may add other topics as necessary.


Elementary-School Grades

  3rd Grade Curricula

4th Grade Curriculum

5th Grade Curriculum

4-5th Grade Writing Course


Middle-School Curricula

  6th Grade English

6th Grade Math

Early Middle School Writing Course

6th Grade Writng Course

7th Grade English

7th Grade Math

8th Grade English

8th Grade Math

8th Grade English CTY

8th Grade Math CTY

8-9th Grade Writing Course


High-School Curricula

  9th Grade English

9th Grade Math

10th Grade English/PSAT

10th Grade Math/PSAT

9-10th Grade Writng Course

9-10th Grade Power Writng Course

11th Grade English/SAT

11th Grade Math/SAT

11-12th Grade Writng Course

AMC Level 2 Prep Class


High-School Science & AP Curricula




Earth Science

AP Chemistry

AP Physics

AP Physics B

AP Biology

AP Math (Pre-Calculus, Calculus AB,BC)